General Information

On behalf of the Houston West Wranglers, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our Club.

The Houston West Bass Wranglers is a non-profit, unincorporated association of individuals, the purpose of which is to promote, foster and safeguard black bass fishing for personal enjoyment, relaxation, and fellowship now and for future generations.

The Club meets on the first Tuesday of January, April, August and October at the Bass Pro Shops conference room in Katyat 6:00 PM.  You are encouraged to come early and enjoy the fellowship of the other members of the Club.

The Club holds ten tournaments each calendar year.  Each member’s best seven tournaments are totaled to determine his year-end standing.  Tournaments are held on weekends, usually lasting all day Saturday and until noon on Sunday.  Tournament dates are usually picked 6 months in advance by a Tournament Committee comprised of the President, Tournament Director, one additional office and the Angler of the Year. Lakes and launch sites are usually picked 6 months in advance and hotel accommodations for the Tournament participants are arranged by the Club’s Vice President. Partners for each tournament are drawn by the Tournament Director approximately 2 weeks prior to the tournament. Teams consist of a boat owner and a non-boater.  When possible, no one will fish with the same partner more than once each year.  If two boat owners are drawn as partners and cannot agree on whose boat to use, the partner who is the highest in Club standings up to that date has his choice.  There is a specific launch area at each Tournament and no “trailering” is allowed unless it is deemed necessary by the Tournament Director for safety or other reasons.  If a boat is late for a “Weigh-In,” it will be disqualified and the catch of both participants will not count for that day only.  For tournament purposes, there is a five-fish limit per day and all fish must be a minimum of 14 inches long to be counted and weighed.  However, Texas state size limits control the number and size of fish that may be in possession or kept. “Paper” fish weights are used where there is a conflict with state laws.

At each tournament, a cash pot is awarded to the boat (2 person team) with the most total weight and a cash pot is awarded to the individual with the largest black bass caught during that tournament.  Each tournament participant is required to contribute $30.00 per tournament toward the team pot and $10.00 per tournament toward the individual Big Bass pot.  Tournament and yearly Club standings are based on the actual weight of fish caught plus points for placing in each tournament.  Members are encouraged to practice “catch and release” of all fish after weigh-in..


The Houston West Bass Wranglers are affiliated with both BASS and TABC. Members are required to join the TABC and encouraged to join BASS (TX Bass Nation). Therefore yearly dues vary  $110.00 - $175 for all active members. There is a $20.00 yearly fee for members on leave of absence.  All yearly dues and any outstanding accounts must be paid by March 1 to remain a member in good standing.  Persons becoming a Club member during the calendar year are assessed pro-rata dues based on the remaining months left in the year.  All payments to the Club are to be by check (not cash) to make record keeping easier on the Club treasurer.

There is usually no tournament in July or August.  The monthly meeting held in January of each year is used to elect Club officers for the following year. 


December, 2022