Upcoming Events


Date Lake Location
Sep 15/16  Rayburn (Midlake) Lakeview (6 cabins)
Sep 22/23        Rayburn State Top 6

Umphreys Pavillion

Stay at Nates / Steves

Oct 20/21 Falcon Beacon Lodge (B6 and Taj Mahal) 10 Beds
Nov 10/11 Toledo Bend (Above the Bridge) Holly Park (4BR House and 2 Studio Apartments -12 beds)
Dec 1/2 Fayette Oak Thicket (Both Cabins)
Jan 12/13 Coleto  Coleto Cabins 5 units
Feb 9/10 Fayette  Oak Thicket Both Cabins 
Mar 2/3 Toledo Bend

Bridge Bay Resort

1st Cove S of Bridge in LA

3 duplexes sleep 12 or more 

Mar 30/31 Naconiche  Naconiche Retreat 4 cabins sleep 12 
Apr 27/28 Amistad  Del Rio Inn 6 rooms 
May 18/19 Rayburn 

Not Booked yet

Lake View wont take resv til Nov