Upcoming Events


Date Lake Location
Jan 15 Choke Canyon TBN Qualifier #1
Jan 22/23 Fayette Both Cabins at Oak Thicket
Jan 22/23 Rayburn  Cassels Boykin TBN SE Regional
Feb 12 O.H. Ivie TBN Team Qualifier #2
Feb 19/20 Choke Canyon 6 Rooms at Choke Canyon Lodge
Feb 19 TBend San Miguel TBN SE Regional
Mar 5/6 Nacogdoches 59 Motel (Not Reserved yet)
Mar 12 Lake Of The Pines TBN Team Qualifier #3
Mar 19 Conroe April Plaza TBN SE Regional
Apr 1/2/? Belton TBN BASS Top 6
Apr 9/10 Lake Fork  7 Rooms 
Apr 23 Sabine River TBN SE Regional
May 14/15 Rayburn Mid Lake No Reservations yet
May 14 Stillhouse Marina TBN SE Regional
Jun 11/12 Athens No Lodging Yet
Sep 10/11 Rayburn Jackson Hill TBN Team Championship
Sep 10/11 Bastrop or Top 6 Lake No Lodging Yet
Sep 17/18 or 24/25 ????? TABC Top 6
Oct 14/15 TBD TBN SE Regional Top 40
Oct 15/16 Rayburn No Lodging Yet
Nov 12/13 Fayette Need to Book Oak Thicket
Dec 3/4 Coletto No Lodging Yet